Specific types of garrisons per faction, and it being the main hub of the game

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    Oveur BHVR

    You're describing the evolution of the hubs, and we've already started that, newest the dueling zone where people are now doing 1vs1 and FFA. The Garrison will be the place you start out in and access all functionality and travel from there after grouping up, doing your loadouts etc. so this is very much as explained as the road to more "MMO".

    Further down the line we might make factional garrisons but that's not a necessity. Arkhona is an Imperial planet.

    Guilds will get their own Garrisons as well.

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    Could The actual Loadout Machine that appear in the garrison be modified to allow changing wargear weapons and mods instead of chosing between premade loadouts?

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    Eldar webway base, woo!

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    i already in love for just what nathan said.....

    this is REALY cool

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    Make Ork garrison a hilarious game mode : Gorkamorka racing trakk fortress !

    shooting opponents in Gorkamorka is mostly allowed

    - 10 bikes, sluggas, sidearms and grenades 

    - 5 warbuggys, 2 in each

    - 5 tanks, 2 in each

    - Orky Race - 20 players, 4 teams, 2 bikes, 1 warbuggy with 2 crew, 1 wartrukk with 1 driver, - only wartrukk can win the race !

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    5 months ago... still no changes on the garrison...wtf...empty words

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    Oveur BHVR

    Different priorities. See the top 10 list. You start with this list. Then we can move on to other things. No sense working on the garrison when performance and balancing aren't good enough. Game development is about prioritization and deciding what to work on, and what not to work on, at any given time.


    As this is a core element of the global EC architecture, we'd love to be working on it but, good core game first.

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    I just put a post about a load of features on the load out and vehicle and warlord side of things, this (^) is your most recent comment and I feel the best way of desperately getting you to notice!

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