Change the world map image.

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    Oveur BHVR

    Map will expand, alongside getting battle history and a better reflection of the war happening. A new image isn't behind that sounds good but the setup is right now so that all factions can fight each other, so a static map with terrain features like above is not feasible right now.

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    +, existing world map texture is really boring, and different territories look like different continents. As for me, I like the old concept of global map

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    Orkus Pokus

    we are a bit annoying with that, I get it that the team must be tired of hearing me about it :P, but I agree. 

    A full world map does contribute a lot to giving me that feeling of immersion. 

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    Dude,please remember that Planetside 2 started with ONLY one map, and later indar amerish esamir and others were in, so do not chase big maps.

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    A campaign map should be relevant for tactical planning and side deployment. Ideally every region should be one actual battlemap. Maps should not repeat anywhere else except for where they are. So fortress Harkus is one unique fortress in the game world and will not be fought over again until another army is on an adjacent terrain tile OR special drop assaults are designed.


    However slight variation could be pursued and we could have bases as templates as suggestd on the forums with only the underlying landscape as well as a few other features changing.


    The point is the campaign map should be a way to deploy into the game world with terrain and spawn points as actually defined in the game world and seen on the map. We need for the map to be a real map and representative of all the mini match maps that make it up. Eventually it would be great to travel from one zone to another with loading screens disguised by teleoprt or transpot graphics (eg drop ships moving troops from pickup points etc)


    People are very unhappy that the current map is not a map at all but a graphical representation of server population, match history and server selection.

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    pls. show  current population of all the factions ! it's nice to know. If I have a free day and wan to play EC in the morning, it makes sense that I can easily see if only >20 ppl are playing

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