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    you had me at drop pods

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    I upvoted because I like the idea, but I do wonder how this is fundamentally different from the current "spawn in pre-fixed location near point" and "spawn in vehicle and deploy with anyone else who is in it".  Is it the fact that no-one gets to spawn until the "pilot" says so?

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    Brother Nemiel

    I really would love to see that. It's a little bit outdated but I proposed something similar in the official forums 1 1/2 years ago



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    Brother Damnatus

    I like the idea of other dynamic spawn points besides transporters. Basically the transporter system should work here as well: There is a cooldown, and they can be destroyed. The big question is, who is in charge of placing those spawn points?

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    Brother Nemiel

    @Brother Damnatus

    Theoretically the still missing "Warlord"

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    @Forgrim - Basically, yes.  The core aspect behind this function would be to encourage players - especially 'free roaming' players - to actually work together.  What currently happens is a continuous drip-feed of forces into enemy positions.  Players spawn, often alone, and run blindly into enemy fire, dying one by one and propagating their irregular and isolated spawn times.  While it could be argued that in guilds this is something the players should work on without the aid of an in-game mechanism, for players not in a guild there is precious little encouragement to actually work with their team-mates.

    @Brother Damnatus - That is somewhat different from how I envisaged it, simply from the perspective of practicality.  While your interpretation is awesome, I'm not sure how easy it would be for the devs to implement a system whereby the spawn points for 'spawn vehicles' are freely placed.  That could cause problems with balancing and 'clipping' on certain maps.  I had pictured the 'spawn points' being static, controlled or enabled through pre-requisites as mentioned in the opening post.

    However as I said your interpretation would perhaps add an even greater degree of dynamism to the feature, so thank you for bringing it up so that the devs can review all options!

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    Ser DJ Hodor

    For the love of Christ, yes please.  We need a new spawn system.  Spawning in randomly and getting shot in the back is awful.  We need varying spawn zones that have some form of protection or cover.

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    I posted a possible mechanic in "Repair Classes" but will repost here for relevancy.

    I really like the idea of giving the repair classes a "reinforce beacon". Though to keep with the asymmetrical balance I suggest that it is VERY expensive to field and works in a couple of ways:

    1. CSM and Eldar get a buildable structure that people can spawn to. Take a bit for set up, but will last until destroyed but is very fragile. One use per life (cannot regain it from ammo crates) I would also hazard to say that it would show up on radar, but not the mini map and creates a constant noise both a little quieter than the channeled equivalents.

    2.LSM and Orks have a channeled type ability that has the character act like teleport beacon for people to teleport in to. It has a faster spawn time than the permanent structure, and people can spawn at him immediately after he begins channeling. The spawn area is larger than the strcutures and if the Mech player isn't careful in where they begin channeling it could cause a misshap. Teleporting into terrain for instance, though there could be upgrades for it to lessen this effect. While the player is channeling they will show up on the radar, but not the mini map and constantly emit a noise.

    If this seems a tad too powerful I suggest that players would need to equip a teleporter or some sort of object that would allow them to utilize the beacon. Perhaps there can be different teleporter items that apply different effects and stats as well. Or for LSM and Orks to lessen misshaps.


    *Edit* The teleport object could go into the blank spot or even in lieu of a capture key which would make it more difficult to capture points.

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