Rework the redeploy system

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    Oveur BHVR

    We have been doing incremental changes to is but we have planned a bigger overhaul as we're quite aware. Some of what you mention is considered part of that and we'll look at the others and if they compliment the design!

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    ...or just remove the "re-deploy" button... and "accidentally" fall off a cliff.

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    Kaela Mensha Khaine

    PlanetSide2 has it there's a 10 seconds delay when you hit the button. That is a cheap solution but it could do the job of making the redeploy feature less efficient.

    The "accidental fall off a cliff" is not that problematic imho because you don't have cliffs or lava pools everywhere on every map so often it will require some time to find a "suicide spot".

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    sounds PERFECT.

    traveling and having encoiunters is much better then just rushing points and havint enemies only there,teleporting all the time from point to point.

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    Orkus Pokus

    I support this.

    I see a lot of good idea in this new feature request section...

    This is good. 

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    Would also be nice to see a graphical update for redeployment. Some sort of teleport-out effect so it feels like redeployment rather than self-sacrifice for no particular reason.

    Brent mentioned ages ago that they were going to introduce a graphical effect for redeploy instead of just randomly dying, but said graphical effect never arrived. He also mentioned a graphical effect for Chaos upon death that never arrived.

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    If one must return to a spirit stone or be next in line to pilot a dreadnought they should throw themselves like a dog unto the breach and die for glory...

    Seriously though transports should do more transporting and encourage drivers to have an active role in this. Moving troops from point A to B in a transport as well as mobile infantry on ground level creates a dynamic battlefield frontline, keeps the map populated and encourages greater tactical teamplay. current play means that battles rarely happen in the streets with most action hotspots being around points as defenders redeploy on them.

    Spawn mechanics must be reworked.

    Defenders 'popping' into existance on the map is a horrible mechanic as immersion breaking as it is unenjoyable. Spawn points should be protected but they should be clear buildings with multiple ways out over a large area to prevent easy spawn camping. 

    Moreover actual game spawn would be better if confined to 2 methods. The existing spawn sites of the faction on each map side (this already by being spaced out is a good idea) and by drop pod/webway tactical insertion. We are really looking forward to some better way of inserting troops in a more tactical manner than just people popping into existance out of thin air on the point.

    Mobile spawn is also controversial by some. the game would be different without it. Would it be better, who's to say but rather than mobile infantry fronlines with ranged troops enjoying fields of fire and the advancement of the line all we see are transports driven to a point tucked behind cover somewhere and then an endless stream of players popping into existence at the side of the rhino and streaming onto the point. That is why the maps are not getting used to their full potential. Would a game without mobile spawn be so bad?

    If that is impossible how about trying matches where mobile spawn is a very special resource which can only be spawned extremely rarely like once or twice a match. The result would be many more matches with infantry advancing towards the points they intend to capture and not just spawning on them. Troops would advance behind transports which would provide cover for them as they advance.


    Also please move the invisible death barriers that kill a player instantly, recently people have observed people spawning vehicles on many maps and simply keeping them within that death zone whilst sniping at enemies. The spawn zone needs to be large enough to prevent enemy camping whilst also preventing players from shooting vehicles from inside  to out. This indicates that a spawn zone should be within a building with multiple exits and plenty of cover. Large areas of death zone covering open map near the spawn has been openly abused. 


    Lastly certain games respawn players in groups. for a tactical shooter wher teamplay is important it could be a good idea to respawn players in small groups say 5. timing this would be tricky to get right but there is nothing better than entering a fresh spawn with some new squadmates rather than having to trickle up to the point one by one.

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    Ser DJ Hodor

    Redeploy just needs to go period.  It removes the need to move around the battle field completely.  Makes vehicles useless as well. 

    Takes out tactical gameplay as well when you want to sneak around and cap a point.  That's when you get swarmed by 10 people redeploying.  Fucking stupid.

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    Brother Damnatus

    I think a punishment for redeploying would be a good first step. Like -100 points for each redeployment (probably even increasing by 50 or 100 points with each redeployment).

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    Ser DJ Hodor

    I could get behind some punishment towards redeploying but its going to have to be more severe than -100 points.  I also don't think its fair to take away from the player's score from what they've earned so far.  

    I know they talked about increasing the respawn time of the redeploy to make it pointless to do when someone is back capping.  This could work.  If redeploying gets reworked so that the timer is long enough to make you miss the interrupt on the Cap Point, then I would be okay with this.  

    The current issue is that you can go cap a point, redeploy and defend another point that is being taken by the enemy.  No vehicles or squad mechanics required.  

    If you pick the wrong class or you need to switch classes of course there needs to be a function there for that. However redeploy is currently killing the tactical play of the game.

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