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    Indeed.  It'd be good too see some repair classes for all the sides.  Give them a choice of going melee or range, being the engineer class they are they could have a variety of range weapon options from the standard to a combi. 
    Aside from repairing vehicles and turrets, they coudl even deploy either ammo boxes (that dont heal only rearm) or drop down deployable objects like up to 3 tank traps, 3 cover walls or a moral booster for their team.

    LSM = Techmarine
    CSM = WarpSmith
    Orks = Mek Boy
    Eldar = BoneSinger

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    Alb - Alb

    I'd like a class that can repair and make fortifications and stuff like automated turrets or whatever.

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    Man you have no Idea how much I want those too but I think we won't see em until they start connecting the maps first, here's hoping it won't be too long though.

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    Well, I'm not sure about the idea of them building automated turrets. Just seems too cliche to me. Also, the bonesinger is not a fighter like the other 3 are, so you'd have to balance them asymmetrically to take that into account.

    Maybe just have the bonesinger be the one capable of setting up weapons platforms, because the Techmarine can choose between being a Tactical marine with the ability to fix things or a full on dedicated repairman with a harness, the Warpsmith comes equipped with a plasma pistol, a power axe and a meltagun, and the Mekboy can take all kinds of kombiweapons, rokkits and such.

     Meanwhile, the only type of fighting we've seen a bonesinger do is being a squishy builder unit in Dawn of War, equipped with only a power sword.

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    Bring back the repair kit!!!

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    These classes seem like a nice natural compliment to the upcoming terminators and equivalent.

    Like PS2, it would make sense to me if the heavy infantry units would require a repair class rather than the healing class to support them. 

    Bone singers very naturally fit into this sensibility since wraithguard are literally made out of wraithbone. As for the other 3, one could probably argue damaged heavy armour can be repaired into a good state.

    Still... is this really a feature to be prioritized over others? I imagine the team feels that this is a low priority in the development queue.

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    Kharn Iron Wolf

    True, but like you say, when Terminators arrive it would be a great compliment to them as well as other things. and yeah alternatively for the time being they could add a repair kit that can do these things.

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    Dont add a repair kit when these repair classes are available, make it exclusive to them!!


    Also for Terminators and terminators equivalent, have their armour only be repaired by these classes. Though their armour value should be very high and take a while to drop.

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    I think the Repair Classes/Engineers are already planned for a future expansion, but no one knows how far into the future that is :/

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    First i'd like to list repair class features that i reckon would make most sense.

    1) Exlucive armour/vehicle/turret repair skill (universal)

    2) Ability to deploy turrets/landmines and/or buff units and vehicles

    3) Ability to deploy a LIMITED instant spawnpoint (LSM=Drop Pod; ORKS=Rock; ELDAR=Webway Portal; CSM=Warp Rift)


    Now i know this thing requires some careful analysis and pre-production to make it all balanced and neat, but the way I see it it, the classes and their respective available/optional abilities should be as follows:

    CSM (Warpsmith) = Vehicle/Armor repairs(up close), +DMG Vehicle Buff in close proximity (like Flesh Circle), Deploy AC turret, Deploy Landmines(area), Open Warp Rift; Weapons = CW or PW plus the optional Mech Arm (PF equivalent); the rest as in ground assault(armor, nades, heal kit).

    LSM (Techmarine) = Vehicle/Armor repairs(up close), +DMG RES Vehicle Buff in close proximity (like Flesh Circle), Deploy Assault Cannon turret, Deploy Landmines(area), Request Drop Pod; Weapons = Bolter/Plasma/Melta plus the optional Mech Arm (PF equivalent); the rest as in tactical(armor, nades, heal kit).

    ORKS (Mekboy) = Vehicle/Armor repairs(up close), +RATE OF FIRE Buff for both vehicles and infantry (ranged like Foul Regen), Deploy Landmines(area), Teleportation (limited range, and susceptibility to being stuck in textures kinda works with the whole riskiness of teleportation in the lore, so its okay), Call in a Rokk; Weapons = Killsaw(PF equivalent)or Choppa/Plasma gun/Rokkit Launcha/Plasma Pistol; the rest as in ground assault(armor, nades, heal kit).

    ELDAR (Bone Singer) = Vehicle/Armor repairs with better stats than other factions'(ranged in a manner of Slaanesh Heal), +DMG+DMG RES Vehicle and Wraithguard Buff with also a speed buff for Wraithguard (ranged in a manner of Slaanesh Heal), +ACCURACY+DMG buff for infantry (ranged in a manner of Slaanesh Heal), CAPTURE KEY(free), Deploy Shuriken Turret, Deploy Landmines, Construct a Webway Portal; Weapons = either a pistol and a non-power weapon, or a 2-handed staff that acts as PW, may be armed with a melta bomb, very limited armor options.

    Obviously non of these characters would be able to equip all the good shit at once; you'd have to go for a specific build. The vehicle repair always remains in place, just like the heal does for Sorcerers. Then, say, if you wanted to do ranged infantry support for Eldar, you'd take the accuracy/dmg infantry buff as secondary power, a Shuriken Turret and a power weapon, which would use up all the points. In the same manner, if you wanted an assault-oriented Mekboy, you'd go with armor, nades, and Killsaw, which would leave you with no landmines and no Dakka buffs, but then you'd be able to teleport right into the scrap and swing you Killsaw around before teleporting back out.


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    Perhaps the Bone Singer could summon some cover for Eldar infantry, too.

    Basically, the idea is for LSM and CSM techs to be armored and relatively killy but more or less similar(with LSM emphasizing on defence and CSM pushing the offense) and lacking that many toys to play with,

    Orks to be able to use their Mec to either significantly amplify their Dakka or go for killiness in melee,

    and the Bone Singer to be able to compensate the inherent lack of armor and damage with the sheer amount of buffs and various toys he has access to, making him a narrow specialist (which all Eldar, more or less, are).

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    The people have spoken and voted repair kits much missed by many.

    Bring back repair kits for use by those that drive vehicles as a quick patch up to reduce vehicle downtime. When repair classes become available make them repair with proper kits or tools at a much faster rate.

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    Ser DJ Hodor

    We need repair classes to balance out the anti-vehicle gameplay.  As well giving Tek Marine's or Bone Singer's a turret or something to defend objectives or transports is SORELY needed in this game.  Currently you cannot risk leaving behind your transport because the anti-vehicle gameplay is so strong.  All it takes is 1 guy with a melta gun/bomb to suicide run at your rhino and its gone.  

    Eldar start with fusion guns in their presets which is ridiculous. No other faction gets that.  Presets need to be removed completely but we also need a repair class to counter the anti vehicle gameplay.  

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    I really like the idea of giving the repair classes a "reinforce beacon". Though to keep with the asymmetrical balance I suggest that it is VERY expensive to field and works in a couple of ways:

    1. CSM and Eldar get a buildable structure that people can spawn to. Take a bit for set up, but will last until destroyed but is very fragile. One use per life (cannot regain it from ammo crates) I would also hazard to say that it would show up on radar, but not the mini map and creates a constant noise both a little quieter than the channeled equivalents.

    2.LSM and Orks have a channeled type ability that has the character act like teleport beacon for people to teleport in to. It has a faster spawn time than the permanent structure, and people can spawn at him immediately after he begins channeling. The spawn area is larger than the strcutures and if the Mech player isn't careful in where they begin channeling it could cause a misshap. Teleporting into terrain for instance, though there could be upgrades for it to lessen this effect. While the player is channeling they will show up on the radar, but not the mini map and constantly emit a noise.

    If this seems a tad too powerful I suggest that players would need to equip a teleporter or some sort of object that would allow them to utilize the beacon. Perhaps there can be different teleporter items that apply different effects and stats as well. Or for LSM and Orks to lessen misshaps.


    *Edit* The teleport object could go into the blank spot or even in lieu of a capture key which would make it more difficult to capture points.

    **Edited #2** This could also replace redeploy, as the teleporter objects could be used with a very long cooldown that persists through death to redeploy at the channeled player or spawn structure's location!

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    [5th] Alberto Mannaro

    +1 for techmarine! :)

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    At first I was gonna object to the idea of the Bonesinger as a suggestion for a repair class, but you lot do bring up some very good points and ideas, specially if you make them the, for lack of a better term, team Engineer. I could see it working out quite well. Otherwise, well, rest has been more or less said, make these guys the technical experts as well as the repairmen while also giving them a mix of tactical and ground assault gear, plus their versions of the mech harness for the marines and some truly Orky toyz for da green men.

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    I would be VERY happy if the Bone Singer could pick an item that allowed them to summon a Grav Platform (which would have to be manned).

    He should also be able to "customize" it by allowing him to pick Grav Platforms with different heavy weapons (Bright Lance, Eldar Missile Launcher, Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon or Starcannon), obviously the two most easy to add would be the Scatter Laser and Shuriken Cannon, as both of those have models ingame.

    The biggest issue for the Bone Singer is the lack of weapons, as they don't really use anything but their weird "flute-thingie). They could be given Shuriken Catapults (shorter range than the Avenger Shuriken Catapult, roughly 2/3rd of the range), Shuriken Pistols, Fusion Pistols and possibly a Force Staff ("Knife Tier" but increases the Psy-Powers in some way) or a Witchblade.
    Their "tool" could probably count as a Knife if needed, as it is "Psychically Charged" (iirc).

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    A Techmarine with a servo-harness that moves while repairing stuff would kick ass.

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    The repair class shouldn't have more than a pistol or weak sword. It should be a class that ABSOLUTLY HAS to be protected to work.

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