Meaningful World map progression system

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    vote up bro, TOTALY up. you deserve it

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    Orkus Pokus

    I agree, are we allowed to post links that refer to founder's lounge threads? because we talked a bit about it there, but I'd rather not risk linking it here right now. Demetri Dominov started it.

    I'd like to see more strategic elements added to the game. Features on the world map such as:

    1-) seeing the whole planet in a 3D rather than a closed up zoom of a small sector.
    2-) seeing regions with varied landscapes not unlike a topographic map, where each region is given an history and it's strategic value explained. We should clearly see the different biomes from the world map view and not just a zoom in of some desert craters. 

    3-) strategic objectives shown on map with the possibility to coordinate special abilities or other strategems such as: chaos creating warp storms, marines calling death from above, orks calling artillery strikes, eldars using webways to attack territories outside of their own borders. 

    4-) regions/zones providing special bonuses when you own them, either to attack or to defend elsewhere in the world. Think like DOW where controlling region x provides bonus to tickets, bonus y provides faster respawns, bonus z gives a special call in ability once per match.

    5-) I'd like to see strategic assets on maps like controlling and launching a missile from a missile silo, using those big macro cannons, activating or deactivating void shields, launching an artillery strike or an orbital strike before attacking (prior to deployment or just on the inital deployment.

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    Oveur BHVR

    Fuck yes that's happening. We move one step away from lobby to persistent world in each update.

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    "+1" ::drops mic::

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    Ser DJ Hodor

    Ya, we need some reason to fight and progress through the different zones.  Currently there is no adrenaline rush to jump in and help defend a hex when its about to be taken.  Its just the same as the next hex and nothing happens.

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