Subfaction unique units/classes. almost finished version ++




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    Techmarines id say are more a thing which every lsm/csm faction should have (mechboys for orks and Bonesingers for eldar)


    Id sugesst IW - Warsmith(adv techpriest) or Destroyer (mix JPA with tactical , has dual bolt pistols too)

    IF- Boarding Unit (gets breacher shield+ tactical mix)

    AL - Infiltrator (tarn yourself as the enemy/cant be highlighted/has no Friend or foe markers...)

    DA - Ravenguard (bike unit?)

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    Kaela Mensha Khaine

    Eldar idea concerning Iyanden craftworld

    Depending on how the Wraithguards will be implemented, add the possibility to specialize an Iyanden warlock into a spiritseer which will be better in improving Wraithguards efficiency than other craftworlds warlocks. The first idea that comes to my mind is a new spell for warlocks that will allow nearby Wraithguards to reach their optimal efficiency. According to the lore such a spell would be accessible to every craftworld warlocks but Iyanden warlock would have either à lower LP cost or a better effect for equivalent LP cost.

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    wraithboone singers are eldar equivalent of techmarines

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    I would be rather for 1st option. and with small changes like:

    WB - Posessed.

    NL - Warp Talons.

    IW - Warsmith or maybe even Warpsmith

    BL - Inner Legion warbands, depending on mark or lack of it.
    Bringers Of Decay for Nurgle.
    Children of Torment for Slaanesh.
    Hounds of Abaddon for Khorne.
    Sons of the Cyclops for Tzeentch.
    Oath Broken for undivided

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    These seem like good ideas.  The topic has been brought up before and we're seeing some advancement in some of the features like the marks for sorcerers and class types for the factions like Loyalist.

    For Chaos the marks can have different effects based on Class.  Like a Tzeentch for a Tactical would make them slow: but give them access to the doom bolt and tougher to hit. 

    MoN for tactical can replace a melta with a plague spitter.  Even attachments to do poison damage on hit for melee like the knife, swords and so on. 

    MoK could hide the users health and armor from their hud and give them increase melee damage. 

    A Havoc with MoS could carry the Noise Marine weapons and give melee increase speed.  The Noise cannon could have the same functions as the plasma cannon.  Both weapons could even distort the hud and slow down anyone caught in the blast.

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    The idea about standart bearers is neat! Adding standart as an one handed area buff item for a tactic or assault will be great. 

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    i vote for 2nd option!

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    Jon The Wild

    Having your subfaction be meaningful is something every player has been yearning for, some of the mentioned classes might be arriving as elites like maybe noise marines and such.

    As a side note I think a standard bearer class is a pretty interesting concept, not great at actual combat but good at giving buffs to their squad; perhaps something similar to the squad leader standards?

    I think off of the mentioned ideas should at least be noted and discussed.

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    i suggest addint the new scale to EC, MORALE.

    morale level makes your character more accurate and take less stagger if being shot when aiming.

    Standart bearers should give it in an arena effect or able to put standard onto the ground to give the effect and keep fighting. 

    tho the enemy faction may as well burn the standart if its not protected,and recieve morale boost while you will take the penalty to morale level.


    the morale bar will fill while character is in combat. that will make players WANT to stay alive longer,to have more morale,instead of run&gun mode.

    standart will incrase the speed in wich the morale bar fills.

    tier 1 morale - faster endurance regen OR - 1 token for veteran(bar goes to 0 once you do)

    tier 2 morale - less stagger when aiming (provide vital auras to teammates, avaliable to equip standart bearer)

    tier 3 morale - small resistance to penetration or else. (or ability to equip elite hero)


    in other words, this kind of mechanics that MOTIVATE a player to stay alive longer will change the game to the better side.

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    should i create it as additional topic?


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    For a whole squad of standard bearers! Need to slap the guild image on there baby!

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    I don't think the idea of morphing your Chaos marine works with Cult units like 'Zerkers and Noisemarines. Those would better fit the definition of exclusive Elite units, because 2 of them possess unique weapons and the other 2 would probably have unique mechanics.


    For example, Noisemarine use sonic weaponry. You don't see that on any other type of Chaos space marine, only Noisemarines. Therefore, Noisemarines would be an elite unit whose entire gimmick is their unique ear-rupturing electric guitars.

    Rubricae are similar. They are the only Chaos SMs that have Inferno bolts for their bolters. They are also Slow and Purposeful, because they are made out of dust, and require a psyker to command them. Therefore, they are an elite, slow but powerful unit designed to synergize with an Aspiring Sorcerer.

    Besides, they're elites on the TT

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    welp,i agree with Judas, but still,there should be a way to morph your tactical veteran into a rubricate,making it elite unit. if used in synergy with a sorcerer, a team will have teamplay abilities that they are currently waiting.

    same with a plague marine(rocket launchers/bile throwers :<   )

    i guess plague sorcerer should somehow affect them. mabe after being healed by nurgle healer,they recieve a temporary FLY aura, that slowly damages players in a small radius, but only once per  20 sec

    and also cool decay animation under the feet :) y know,game needs more spirit

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    Warp Talons / Spiders R out of question for Elites.

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    Cloudius Turielion

    Option 2 sounds nice I think :) as long as we can get to look like- and prefferibly with flavoured mechanics aswell for those warband / chapter spesciffic classes somehow, I'll support it.   

    a LSM sanguinary priest is for instance is not supposed to be a complete mirror class off other LSM apothacerries even though they serve the same purpuse.

    the core class gonna be the same with special snowflake mechanics twists to differentiate subfactions of the same aligience.


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    Brother Nemiel

    Hm the Black Guardians from Ulthwé are iconic but they are just weaker versions of the Dire Avenger if one would put them into the game. It would more vote for a See Council mechanic. I know we would need at least one proper Spririt Seer, but maybe there could already be some synergistic buff if 2+Warlocks from Ulthwé are in one squad and close to each other (like squad lead buff)?

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    I don't very much like the class ideas described by OP, but i do agree that subfaction diversity would really, REALLY add to this game in a good way.

    Personally i see it like this (as in, making most sense in terms of variety, balance and fluff combined).

    CSM: IW = Warsmith (or an Aspiring Warsmith if W is added as Elites) / NL = Warp Talons / WB = Newly Possessed (since P are Elites) / AL = Infiltrator (like a tactical with Scorpion-esque invisibility) / BL = Cults OR Chosen (if Cults is too complicated, which it kinda is).

    LSM: UM = Champion OR Sternguard-Vanguard option / BA = Sanguinary Priest OR Death company / IF = Techmarine  (or Techmarine Minor if T is added as Elites) / DA = Interrogator Chaplain / SW = Wulfen (+ different skin for Librarian once he's added so that he looks like a Rune Priest)

    ELDAR: Ulthwe = Ulthwe Warlock (a more offense-oriented version?) / Biel-Tan = Warp Spiders / Saim-Hann = Swooping Hawk Exarch? This is a tough one / Iyanden - Wraithblades(upgrade to Wraithguard TEQ) and more toys for that class / Altansar = Recruit Ranger (since R is Elites)

    ORKS: Goffs - Black Ork (congratulations BBC fans), like a badass ground assault version / ES = Stormboy Nob / BM = Flash Gitz / DS = Loota / BA - Kommando Boy (since Kommando will be Elite)


    Again, i realize some of these might interfere with classes already confirmed as upcoming Elites, in which case i suggest they are implemented as their minor versions.

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    @SniffSteven thanks, that was realy a big load of help! great job my brother!

    i will work on that

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    No problemo, Eli. Lets just hope that Subfactions are prioritized sooner rather than later, cus other than new maps and game modes, that would spice things up and diversify the gaming experience the MOST.

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    @SniffSteven, can you add me on steam? Lord Elifas (AC)

    i could use more of your advices

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    Sure, i'll add you. I may be mistaken but i think i see you i matches sometimes so that will be double cool.

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    If they will put flamers in, would be nice to be able to become a Salamander, specialized on flamers / meltas

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