Able to report abusive Players

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    Oveur BHVR

    We just updated vote kick to be easier - TAB-E, select, press kick.

    We're adjusting SIN as well, so that the barrier for being automagically kicked for TKs that are unforgiven is lower.

    We'll add the function to select a player and press "Report", like you do "Vote kick" and it ends up in our support system automagically.

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    We already have that, the report abuse in FAQ ticket submission is exactly for that, if you prefer something in game then yeah that would be appricitated.

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    Yes, i meant an actual ingame function.

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    It has to be in game or it is practically useless. I don't have the time to do the moderators jobs for them, so either let me report abusive players in games or I will play game that let me report.

    Just copy overwatch's system.

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    Moderators? You mean the forum moderators that have nothing to do with this topic? If you have issues with players then take the time to report them to Customer Service.

    If it was possible to make a system in-game that wouldn't be abused then that would be great.... and yes, there's also "that guy" that keeps joining a game and TKing his own team.

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    Definitely, its such a pain and inconvenient to report someone as is.


    A simpler feature is needed, (preferably in-game) before F2P hits. 

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