PvE modular level design

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    Oveur BHVR

    The reason you go into an elevator is to be future proof for dynamic modular deployment - or rogue-ish - if you will. Right now it's just faster and easier for us to manually apply new game modes while we add new rooms and intermix with current rooms.

    So yes, this is indeed planned as can be seen by the modularity of the designs in PVE.

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    Mr.Slendykins Sockman

    You got me at "Escape the Carnifex", I love the whole thought of being a little dude chased by something big and dangerous, it's like L4D2's TAAAANNNKK gamemode, where all four survivors are chased by four tanks, essentially needing to speedily run to the end of the map.

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    Destroy the nids:  you have to activate explosives to destroy deeper underground nids.

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    Zah'Wych Dakkaeye

    thanks alot for your answer nath :)

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    I believe a carnifex in the lair would be over the top.


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