Cosmetic Campaign Rewards

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    I like the cumulative ones - marks out the veterans.  But there should also be campaign specific ones, only available for participation in/winning a specific campaign.  And also forum flair under your profile when you post - kind of like campaign ribbons. 

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    Give the cosmetic item for unlocking all lair achievements !


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    Not just for campaign how about for achievements and special feats that are hard to achieve

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    100% VOTE UP.

    this is a MUST have.

    for reaching high rank(lvl) and finishing campagins players definetly should earn something they might use as a cosmetic.

    Not every campagin tho, mabe the biggest ones that appear once per month or twice per year,or even at celebrations like haloween and others.

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    It would be great if we could get some minor cosmetics for campaign performance, or whatnot else...even something super tiny would be really nice, like purity seals for LSM, spiky bits for CSM, skulls for Orks and gems/trinkets for Eldar.

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    System Sound

    Rewards could vary depending on the campaign. From purity seals to armor pieces for LSM. Skulls or spikes for CSM. 

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    Skyward Sorceror

    It would be nifty to see cosmetic rewards for deeds against the tyranids.

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