Being able to see other squad leaders pings

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    Alb - Alb

    A squad leader ping can just work like any other ping, but it would also place a waypoint. That way everyone hears/sees it.

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    I was in a bit of a rush, I meant to say let the Squad leader see other squad leader's pings on the MAP. That way you could coordinate between each other.

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    Great idea! I can see it being very annoying in some situations but with an organized group it could certainly be a plus!

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    This would help coordinated squads so they can craft a better plan and for the squad lead to know where his squad is most needed.


    Although it's probably going to be really annoying if someone wants to be a prick, but the pros far outweight the cons in my opinion.

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    That would be very helpfull in matches for sure, voip will be great once the new update is out but this would've have helped a whole lot more.


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    This would be incredibly helpful for coordinating team efforts. 

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