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    Oveur BHVR

    This actually exist because of a thread on the forums, and in fact many games and software companies do this. As the description says, this isn't a forum, you can link to the forums but this isn't for discussions. It's for us tagging, you voting etc.

    So if it works for League of Legends, I think I'll give it a try.

    The ideas part of the forums will be closed down and refer here.

    What Zendesk offers is linking incoming support tickets, bug reports and such to posts here directly and offer interlinking with our internal systems. It also allows for up and downvoting, tagging and official indicators of status. As a result, we can see the relations between issues, bugs, feature requests, create FAQs etc directly. And all searchable for everyone.

    I locked and pinned this to show others how this works, so everyone can see why this exists, why it's in our interlinked information systems and not in a forum or elsewhere, which does not offer such functionality.

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    Hail!!Good job BHVR!

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    I asked this same thing in the "Crusader Suggestions" board and then they deleted it. This section is still just as redundant and useless as that one was, the official forums already exist.


    Edit: If this wasn't made for discussions, then why is there reddit-hugbox-style upvoting and downvoting on comments? Utterly redundant.

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    Oveur BHVR

    Correction: that was a legacy group from 9 months ago when we moved to Zendesk and I replied to your post with why we're doing this and then deleted the entire group.

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