Delay on Elevators




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    Yes, either this or just have them running constantly on a loop. Or add a button.

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    A 2 second delay or a button would be perfect.  Upvoted.

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    Ser DJ Hodor

    How about they just continually go around like a conveyor belt instead of this stupid system we have now.  

    Not that hard to do.

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    I agree with the constant loop because then it would allow new players to spot these vital map objects earlier.

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    Slough Monster

    For the love of god, YES.

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    Brother Damnatus

    Might as well just use a mechanic similar to sector locks in PvE

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    [VI] Zeus

    I propose elevators have a button, like Brother Damnatus described, that makes it go up. Make the button obvious enough (glowing), for example.

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    Kaela Mensha Khaine

    Yes a button. Simple. Efficient.

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    Consider this upvoted! And fix the resolution slider!

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    I guess 8 months is not enough time to create delay or few buttons.

    Maybe istead of elevators add something much simple like... stairs?

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