More visibility in Apothecary and Painboy equipment



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    thats not hard to do, still,no body will be looking at you, so dosent matter much, to low the % that some body will actually go and see " OW ILL GO GET  ABUFF"

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    Or maybe we can just have a big red + sign above healers that only our teammates can see.


    I like your idea too though, actually I like it better than my idea, Having something like my syringe booster glowing green, or have 2 vials glowing green on my syringe for the upgraded vial would be great.

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    i main painboy, are a RTS player. i would like to see which people that have been hurt as in most modern rts games. show thier healthbar permenantly if they are in close by.

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    I don't know if seeing them all pop up when you get close is a good thing. If too many of us are on the point I feel it runs the risk of clogging up the view.

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