Apothecary/Painboy syringe usage.




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    Would be nice, if there was a possibility to tell other people that you want to heal them: For example, if you press "Q" aiming at a wounded teammate, he gets a little sign/notice at his screen and then this apo sign is appearing over your head and a small one at his mini map.
    And/or make the syringe aimbox larger and the apply distance as well...

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    >sign/notice at his screen 


    players do not notice that some one actually trying to heal them and keep moving about

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    The healing grenades really made the syringe obsolete, till they nerfed it this patch.  But yes, they really need to make the radius bigger.

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    Mr.Slendykins Sockman

    The grenades got nerfed? They became a recharge ability and you get unlimited of them due to this. Personally this is a much needed feature especially in crowded areas.

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    very much agreed - either this or forcing them to stand in place when you initiate the heal but OP is best option

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    Brother Damnatus

    Dirty X-Post:


    Basically suggesting to use Lock-On for healing with a heal-range

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    Ser DJ Hodor

    Plain and simple, LSM and Orkz need to be able to walk and heal at the same time.  Just their disadvantage is being in melee range and having to stay close to their target.  

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    Sanguinary Priest with jetpack and Wolf priest with Ground Assault stats.

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    I think its probably better to change the narth and syringe to an instant deploy as in when you press the button and you hit them it instantly injects them but the heal gets changed to a HoT instead. it would make it a lot easier to land your narth shots in a crowded moving room. but making it a hot would even out the instant deploy of it. i think honestly as far as healing strength i think the loyalists should be the weakest for raw HPS/sec due to them being limited to normal medecine, orks can be a tad better and psychers could be the better healers with eldars being HPS/sec kings.


    make up for that by making the apoth more durable than the others and the ork only slightly less durable but better healer, then sorc then eldar.

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    Damn this pending approval...

    You want a Orc... a wild beast who don't even know how his pistol works to be better healer than Aphotecary? Than a well equiped with knowledge and, almost, best gear in the Imperium of man Warrior? No, just no! I will not agree on that. Besides... orcs have posion.

    But i will agree with Healing over Time, after injects it instantly. and with better range for syringe. For Both races, of course. But we cannot destroy the balance. It needs to go that way:

    1. Chaos - Due connection to the Immaterium Sorcerers can eaisly heal thier "brothers". Also Gods' blessing allows, almost, all traitors to regenerate limbs and others. That's why they need to be the best healers in game. 

    2. Eldars - They have great understanding of the Immaterium, but worst connection to it. Warlocks, due the knowledge, can also easily heal each Eldar. That's why they need to be on second place.

    3. Imperium - Well, we have Aphotecaries. They carry, almost, the best equipment in the galaxy to help fallen brothers. They have knowledge about human and superhuman space marine body. They have many stimulants to do it. But they need to meet wounded warrior to help them.

    Even with Librarians healing skills Imperium will be on third place. Because Eldars are one step ahead with Immaterium understanding. Better healing range in price of healing per second.

    4. Orcs - Savage, brutal, without basic knowlegde, they heal themself with beer, looted medicine supply and faith.

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    I totally agree on that matter and the fact behind it that causes a big problem in the game: Races must be balanced, but not classes! 

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