Suspension and Ban policy




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    It would be great if this portion of the harassment rules in our forums were actually moderated and adhered to. 


    • Excessive messages directed at, or defaming the character of players.



    The amount of personal attacks, "naming names" and harassment in our forums is out of control 


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    Try in game MODERATORS verbally abusing players! Then if you TK them twice in two separate games (one deliberately) you get banned for a week! 

    You have no chance pal.

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    I haven't been in the forums long but I'm surprised that a moderated community allows for so much vitriol and the number of blatant personal attacks is pretty alarming. As others have pointed out in this thread the Suspension and Ban policies are a joke because that section on Harassment  is totally ignored by the Moderators and Community Manager. 


    I've noticed that there seems to be a small click I think of as the "hate posse". This group of hate filled forum goers gang up and berate, insult, attack and bully anyone they disagree with. They make hate filled comments, they all like each other comments with the main goal of bullying and defaming the character of anyone they disagree with. This behavior is prevalent throughout many posts and the fact that BHVR allows this behavior to thrive is truly abhorrent. 

    Reporting offensive comments does absolutely nothing and the offensive, deeply personal vitriolic comments are allowed to stand. Anyone that tries to defend themselves from the persistent stream of personal attacks and strikes back gets lectured by mods or temp banned, which is laughable. I'm not sure if some of these most outspoken, hatefilled individuals that constantly attack others are friends or guild mates of the mods or if Behavior simply does not enforce their own policies.

    Whatever the case the system is broken broken primarily because the Mods totally ignore the Harassment policies and the fact that reporting aggressive,   hateful personal comments and blatant personal attacks seems to do absolutely nothing because the offensive content is allowed to remain and the "repeat offenders" continue to spread their hate and vitriol.


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