What platforms will Eternal Crusade be released on?




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    luke mcluskey

    when is it coming out on xbox one?

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    So i bought the Warrior founder around November 2014. I played a little bit on pc, wich i can't do now cause my PC is broken...but i'm planning to play the game on PS4 and stay there.

    Do i have to buy the game again or i can transfer my account to PS4 and play it there when it launches?

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    I really want to get this game but it's not on xbox one yet and I don't really want to get it on pc and xbox as well so come on release a digital version on xbox one and update it just like it is on steam at the moment

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    Xbox one release date?

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    What is the date for the PS4?

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     I second that what Is the eta for Xbox one 

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    I may be dreaming but Switch support would have made me happy 😊.

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    What is PC platform? Only Windows?

    When we can expect Linux version?

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    Martin moffat

    2018 had the pre ordered on amazon for 2/3 years just got a refund cause it's never coming to Xbox one.
    Amazon says early 2019 but that changes ever year.

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    Dávid Kármán

    Okay, if you develope it to PS4 and Xbox One when will it come out?

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