Would it be possible to have some maps without timers or A, B, C cap points?



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    make an objective where both teams have to fight eachothers, both getting stupid AI robots with em, tiny orks for orks, not meaning grots, just smaller orks

    Scouts or imperial flashlight(guardsmen) for space marines,  Cultist for Chaos, or corrupted scouts with spikey stuff?

    Eldar ummm.... guardians?

    Then for the objective itself, it would be defense and attack for both teams, both would have say a little fort building or monument or something. the other teams goal would be to strike and destroy the enemies thingy. and it maybe useing then the destructable envierment things. Tho letting lass cannons and such go against it (Tho not melta based or grav, as that would well, possibly bring an inbalance to it, as otherwise a favord tactic might be melta bomb rushing )


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