Will you limit Clan Stacking in public games?



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    yup, Clans want fair and nice matches, Stomping isn't 100% fun for clans either, as most winning fun comes from challenge, beating an organised force with your tactics and group play is extremly Nice. but yeah limiting clans right now will only hurt the game as clans ussally have dedicated players that love the game too as any single playing person, (and maybe a bit more, but hey depends per person and such :P) 

    But something to help with the problem might be adding ways to point to Pug players that they can also join clans if they really want to have the organised stuff too. too make it more obvious that clans is a pure part of the game and its just fun people mostly playing with eachothers and going a lil compedative, and being challenged by a foe will only train ye to get better anyways. tho being somped all the time might not  help but once in a while fighting harder foes Will teach you a bit more.

    Also, where is the true squig armor, we got a squig plank as orks and not our torso armor yet >:C

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