Inspiration on EC's loadout customization system



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    Okay but what about the cosmetic part of the lodout system? the apprence one. what more items can we be seeing in the future, can we submit in ideas because i got some.

    chaos and space marines: More MK armor, diffrent types and such, and maybe diffrent versions with diffrent marking types. and then capes too, because who dosen't want a cool cape? More 30k era armor too would sit nice. And maybe some more all shared sets, and then also some more  sub faction spesific, As well, Dark angles got some nice robe armor, space pugs(wolfs :P) got A nice wolf helmet and some cool fur items for there armor. and there is a good a lot blood angels cosmetics to give, And then to the ultra smurfs( ultramarines) Well, the more roman style stuff as they like it c: . Oh and let people go with their fantasis to cosplay as Captain sicarius (space marines really need a set to be used by someone so they can destract the enemies fire :P )

    Eldar: Well... i acctully got no idea for eldar armor, as im really not into the space elfs. 

    Orks: More freeboota stuff, Pirate Trenchcoats, More metal helmets too, Maybe combine some designes. as haveing a metal helmet with googles can be nice. and maybe haveinf a full face helmet  so yaz don't getz shoot in tha eye. More Cyborg parts, like make a new slot for orks, the eyes, haveing a possibilty to combine in goggles to yer metal helmet, or replace an eye with a cyborg eye. then also makeing the Nob paints into a cosmetic item too as Well, Paint aint makeing a Nob and the paints are really nice for costumazation. And maybe also letting orks the Option to wear No shoulder pads at all, ye gave them the option to Remove one. but ye added the squig shoulders now, So why not also let no shoulders? the shoulder barely told what ork clan yez waz frume anyways. 

    OH, and Adding the real squig armor, we only got a torso plank looking nothing like the representing art >:C . a tiny bit of squig face aint armor

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