As a paying player, how does the free version and prices affect me?




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    If i have free version, i'm can't buy Squadron Edition?

    In steam i can't do that.

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    Oveur BHVR

    If you're in a position where the Squadron Edition upgrade doesn't work, you will be in a couple of days. The workaround is simply buying 20,000 RTC pack. 

    This gets fixed when we launch the free version, it's a Steam thing, very sorry about that.

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    • Squadron Edition - Full game with 20,000 RTC, also upgrades the Free Carnage version. Progression is 3 times faster. 

    • Imperium Edition - Full game with 20,000 RTC and 4 packs of weapons and armor (one pack for each faction).

      steam says that there are only Squadron and Legion Edition, and the second one will bring 40k RTC, not 20k.
      Which one is right?

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    Oveur BHVR

    The Imperium Edition is what replaces the old Legion Edition when we launch the free version.

    That's because the 4 DLCs included are more expensive and all the RTC and DLCs in the Imperium Edition, is like the ingame store bundles, at a good discount.

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    As a paying player, you have started to receive some of these thank you gifts, but this is the current list for paying players:

    • 20,000 RTC ($20) given to you when you log in the first time after the 1.3 Content Update.
    • A Steam giftable and tradable package of the full version of the game. You can give it to a friend or sell it on the Steam Marketplace.
    • The Venerable Items will no longer be available for purchase, unique to you before the transition.
    • Something more which will be really nice.


    I got none of this yet. What's the deal?

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    I buy DLC from the steam store but there is no Silver suriken catapult... where is the weapon..?>

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    Excuse me - to ask like a noob but 

    If i'm a paying player, when can i get and by which way the "A Steam giftable and tradable package of the full version of the game." ? 

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    i never received my trade-able cards after the update even though i paid for early access

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    Got same problem as Verusius...

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